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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forces in Afghanistan Kill Militants, Detain Suspects

American Forces Press Service

Nov. 19, 2009 - Afghan and international forces killed several militants and detained terrorism suspects in two Afghanistan provinces yesterday, military officials reported. A combined Afghan-international force detained several suspected militants in northern Kandahar province while pursuing a senior Taliban commander. The force targeted two vehicles near the village of Sahabey in the province's Ghorak district after intelligence indicated militant activity. One of the vehicles contained a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and several rounds, as well as a machine gun and ammunition. The vehicles' occupants were detained for further questioning, and the force safely destroyed the RPG launcher and other munitions.

In a separate operation, an Afghan-international force detained a key Taliban explosives facilitator and another militant while searching a compound in Kandahar province. This facilitator maintained direct contact with several senior local Taliban leaders and maintained supply lines to other militant elements in the area.

The force targeted a compound near the village of Rigwa-i Olya in the province's Panjwayi district where intelligence sources reported the facilitator to be located. After the force searched the compound without incident, one militant surrendered and identified himself as the facilitator.

In another operation, an Afghan-international security force killed several enemy militants and detained a sought-after al-Qaida bombing network facilitator and another militant in Ghazni province while searching a compound suspected of militant activity. This facilitator is reported to have supplied roadside bombs to other militant elements operating in the area and kept direct contact with local al-Qaida and Taliban leaders.

The force targeted the compound on the southern side of Ghazni City where intelligence sources reported the al-Qaida facilitator to be located. The force shot and killed the enemy militants after they demonstrated hostile intent, and searched the compound without further incident. One of the detainees was identified as the al-Qaida facilitator.

No civilians were harmed in the operations.

(From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command news release.)

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