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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homeland Security Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report for 20 January 2010

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According to the Associated Press, two rival groups of Somali pirates had a shootout Sunday just before a $5.5 million ransom was delivered to free a supertanker loaded with combustible crude oil and destined for the United States, prompting the pirates onboard to call the anti-piracy force for help. (See item 2)

Multiple sources report the following due to heavy rains over the weekend in California: Power outages were affecting 96,000 customers in PG&Es entire service area; the access road to the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stations emergency operations facility was inaccessible due to road flooding; 16 or more inches of rain is predicted in Mt. Wilson, where transmitter facilities are located for TV stations serving Los Angeles; and L.A. County Public Works crews have raised dams in some of the smaller debris basins, and used backhoes to dig out more capacity in others. (See items 1, 12, 59, and 64)

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