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Monday, April 19, 2010

Afghan Border Patrol Leader Inspects Outpost, Meets With Local Villagers

April 19, 2010 - KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Hoping to gauge the effectiveness of efforts to secure the border, a senior Afghanistan Border Patrol (ABP) leader inspected the 5th Kandak Headquarters in Southern Afghanistan today. Col. Ghuzai Sharif, Commander 3rd Zone, (ABP) inspected the roughly 1/2 square mile complex in the Shurabak district of Kandahar Province, located along the rugged Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

The visit provided Sharif, and his International Security Assistance Forces, Afghanistan (ISAF) advisors, an opportunity to deliver supplies and equipment to his troops and meet with the elders of the local village.

“This station is the most important in the Kandahar district,” said Sharif. “It is closest to the border crossing with Pakistan. There’s lots of enemy movement in the area and we are the fence providing security for our country.”

The meeting allowed Shariff an opportunity to strengthen ties with his fellow Afghans by discerning what steps his forces could take to assist them. As the number of available troops increase, Sharif is looking to expand his unit’s services to the locals.

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