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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Afghan, International Forces Detain Insurgents

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

June 29, 2010 - An Afghan and international force detained a number of suspected insurgents including a Taliban facilitator in Afghanistan's Helmand province last night, military officials reported.

The facilitator, believed to be a key player in the facilitation network in the province's Now Zad district, allegedly is responsible for procuring and distributing bomb-making components.

After clearing several buildings in the village of Do Sang, in the Now Zad district, the combined security force detained the facilitator and several suspected associates.

A separate Afghan and international force detained a suspected insurgent in Kandahar province while pursuing a Taliban facilitator last night.

The combined security force searched a compound near Vakil Rostam Kalay in the province's Panjwai district and detained the man for further questioning.

The combined force protected women and children present during the searches, and no shots were fired during either operation.

Afghan and coalition forces have made significant progress in Kandahar by increasing offensive operations in the province and capturing or killing key Taliban leaders, officials said. Combined Afghan and international forces recently removed the Taliban district chiefs for Zharay, Panjwai, Maiwand and Dand districts. Hajji Amir, formerly the Dand district chief, was killed May 30 in Kandahar.

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