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Friday, June 25, 2010

Forces in Afghanistan Kill, Capture Insurgents

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

KABUL, Afghanistan, June 25, 2010 - An Afghan-international security force killed several insurgents, including Faizullah, a Taliban subcommander, as the insurgents were planting a roadside bomb near Kandahar City in Afghanistan yesterday.

Faizullah was responsible for previous roadside-bomb attacks in Kandahar province's Arghandab district, officials said, and was believed to be responsible for the death of at least one coalition soldier in March.

The combined force verified no civilians were at risk before calling for a precision strike from coalition aircraft.

Following the air strike, the security force went to the site and was immediately engaged by insurgents staged in prepared defensive positions. The ground force returned fire, killing several insurgents. They also found and destroyed the roadside bomb and confirmed the deaths of the insurgents from the earlier precision air strike.

In Khost province last night, another combined security force captured a Haqqani terrorist network facilitator linked to multiple bombing attacks throughout the province. The assault force detained the facilitator without incident while searching a series of compounds in Khost's Terazayi district.

Afghan and international forces have been involved in intense engagements with the Haqqani network along the Khost-Gardez pass over the past couple of weeks, officials said. Several insurgent commanders and a large number of insurgents have been killed during the operations. A large number of insurgents were killed when an Afghan-international patrol came under attack by an estimated 50 insurgents and called in a precision air strike in Badghis province's Qadis district yesterday.

In other news from Afghanistan, Afghan forces working with International Security Assistance Force partners conducted an operation the night of June 23 east of Marja in Helmand province. Officials said the operation was designed to increase security to the Afghan population by disrupting a network known to supply explosives and other material used in making roadside bombs.

As the Afghan-led force approached a compound known to be housing insurgents, two armed men presented a direct threat and were killed. Afghan special police ensured all remaining residents left the compound safely. Several women and children were protected, and two men were taken into police custody.

No civilians were reported harmed in any of these operations, officials said.

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