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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CDB Training Benefits Sailors Serving in Afghanistan

By Chief Mass Communication Specialist (SW) Maria Yager, Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

CAMP PHOENIX, Afghanistan (NNS) -- A career counselor from Navy Central Command, Forward Headquarters Afghanistan traveled to Kabul to meet with Sailors and conduct the Career Development Training Course Aug. 5.

The course provides valuable training for both career counselors and Sailors in leadership positions in theater.

"This course is designed so you can go out and help your Sailors who work for you or even Sailors who work near you who don't have any direct Navy leadership out here," said Chief Navy Counselor (AW/SW) Christopher Cline.

The training taught Sailors how they can conduct and document career development boards (CDB) for their fellow Sailors in theater even without a command career counselor.

CDBs are required for all Sailors upon reporting on board, after six months on board, at 12 months on board, and at 12 month intervals thereafter. Official guidance is contained in OPNAVINST 1040.11C, but because Sailors serving as an Individual Augmentee or on a Global War on Terror Support Assignment (GSA) are geographically separated from their commands, fulfilling this requirement can present a challenge.

"We don't have a command career counselor, but we have Sailors who need career information, so the training is a great opportunity for leaders to hear the latest information so they may gain the knowledge that is needed to help Sailors further their Navy careers. Even as an individual augmentees we still have a responsibility to step-up and take care of fellow Sailors serving out here," said Command Master Chief Robert Edwards, assigned to Joint Task Force-435 as the senior enlisted advisor.

According to Cline, an effective CDB can normally be completed in 20 to 30 minutes and should include information and discussion on watch and warfare qualifications, education, advancement, pay and financial management, family readiness, rating health, perform to serve process and considerations, command expectations, and defining the Sailors personal and professional goals. CDBs are tracked and notes are recorded in the Career Information Management System (CIMS) to ensure progress is monitored and can be reviewed by commands that Sailors may transfer to beyond their current duty station.

Using an individual career development plan worksheet leaders can document the topics discussed as well as goals and other notes for the Sailor. This information is then forwarded to Cline or the Sailor's parent command for entry into CIMS.

"The career development training provided some excellent career pointers and advice on junior sailor development. I am confident I can sit on any upcoming career development boards in theater and guide Sailors," said Information Systems Technician 1st Class (SW/AW) Tigus Hunter, who is serving a GSA in Afghanistan.

CDB training and individual career development plan worksheets are available from the Navy Personnel Command website.

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