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Friday, January 28, 2011

Iraqi signal officers receive critical training from National Guard unit

By Brian Hare
151st Expeditionary Signal Battalion

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (1/28/11) – Ten Iraqi Soldiers graduated from the first Iraqi Ground Forces Command Basic Networking and Systems Information class at Camp Iraqi Hero on Victory Base Complex, Jan. 13.

The 60-hour course was conducted by Task Force Palmetto, which is comprised of National Guardmembers from the 151st Expeditionary Signal Battalion, headquartered out of Greenville, S.C., and assigned United States Air Force personnel.

During the course, the Iraqi officers and noncommissioned officers were instructed in tasks and concepts such as assigning internet protocol addresses, installing and configuring servers and terminating twisted pair, high signal integrity cables.

Most of the coursework was taken from the curriculums offered by the Baghdad Signal University, an institution located on Victory Base that prepares Department of Defense personnel for obtaining Information Technology certifications such as A+, Network+, Security+, and VSAT.

Baghdad Signal University is also operated and administered by the 151st ESB.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert “Todd” Kappel, the primary coordinator for the course from the Plans and Projects Section of the 151st ESB, said the purpose of the course is two-fold - to provide the Iraqi Network Operations Center soldiers with the skills to perform administrative-level functions on their networks and to become instructors for the signal officers in the outlying 11 divisions.

This graduation marked the accomplishment of the first goal, he said.

“The first goal is being realized with the 60-hour classes being conducted on Camp Iraqi Hero,” said Kappel. “The next class is expected to graduate an additional ten students. The second goal will be undertaken when the current students become the teachers.”

Iraqi Brig. Gen. Raed has tasked one signal officer from each of his 12 divisions to come to the IGFC Signal School to receive the same instruction that is being conducted now, only this time the IGFC will be instructing and the 151st personnel will only be available to observe and assist.

“Brig. Gen. Raed asked the 151st to assist in training his signal officers and noncommissioned officers in basic network and systems information,” said Kappel.

“By taking on the mission of the instructing at the IGFC, the 151st has accepted an enormous responsibility,” said Kappel. “By partnering with our Iraqi Ground Forces Command fellow signal Soldiers, Task Force Palmetto is doing its part to help the Iraqi Army as it moves forward on its own new dawn.”

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