Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Three Insurgents Killed, 10 Detained in Iraq

Dec. 26, 2006 – Coalition and Iraqi forces killed three insurgents and detained 10 in Iraq over the past three days:

-- Coalition forces used precision munitions today to destroy a vehicle insurgents were using to emplace improvised explosive devices in Haqlaniyah.

-- Iraqi
Police and coalition forces responded to multiple vehicle-borne IEDs that detonated today in southwestern Baghdad.

-- Coalition forces killed three insurgents yesterday in Samsiyah during operations to capture terrorists responsible for IED attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces.

-- Coalition forces captured a suspected murder- and kidnapping-cell leader during operations yesterday near Baghdad. Coalition forces detained four additional suspects for questioning during the operation.

-- Special Iraqi
police forces with coalition advisors detained five suspected insurgents Dec. 24 during operations southeast of Mosul. The suspects were members of an insurgent cell responsible for attacks against Iraqi security forces in the area, military officials said.

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