Thursday, December 21, 2006

Forces Capture Suspects; Terrorist Detonate Car Bombs

Dec. 20, 2006 – Coalition and Iraqi forces captured suspected terrorists and contraband during operations in Iraq over the past three days, and terrorists continued killing and wounding civilians with car bombs.

-- Iraqi troops and U.S. soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division's 4th Brigade Combat Team today captured three men attempting to set up a mortar tube east of al Qasim. Combined forces found a mortar tube, five 81mm rounds, and a mortar bipod and sight. The three suspects are being held for questioning.

-- A car bomb detonated near an Iraqi police escort unit today at an intersection in Karadah. Police forces from an Iraqi 1st National
Police Division were escorting buses filled with Iraqis headed to Baghdad International Airport when a car bomb detonated near one of the buses, killing six and wounding 28.

-- Iraqi police raided a power plant facility yesterday in Baghdad's Jazeera neighborhood and detained 12 suspected terrorists. The suspects are connected with sectarian murders and they are being held for further questioning.

-- Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers of the 501st Infantry Regiment discovered a weapons cache yesterday near the Iraqi Police Station in the southern Baghdad town Hamiyah. The weapons cache included 60mm mortar rounds, 120mm rounds and rockets.

-- Iraqi police found a roadside bomb yesterday morning. Police forces cordoned off the area and an ordnance team detonated the bomb without incident.

--Two car bombs detonated in Baghdad Dec. 18, killing 10 civilians and wounding more than 40. Iraqi National Police responded immediately, cordoning off the area and transporting the wounded to a local hospital.

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