Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Focus Area #1 of NIJ’s Domestic Terrorism Prevention Solicitation is to Fund Research to Inform Terrorism Prevention Efforts


NIJ is seeking applications that build and improve on existing national and international research in the area of terrorism prevention, including research that improves on program development, data sources, and methods. More specifically, NIJ encourages applicants to propose novel approaches to study risk and protective factors as they relate to radicalization and terrorism within the evolving terrorist threat landscape in the United States. NIJ is particularly interested in understanding how the radicalization process is similar or different based on the types of extremist ideologies as manifested in the United States; including, but not limited to, the full spectrum of political ideologies. This also extends to an understanding of how strategies for effective intervention and prevention may vary based on the ideology.

NIJ anticipates awarding up to $8,000,000 under this solicitation.

In FY 2021, applications will be submitted in a new two-step process, each with its own deadline:

  1. Submit an SF-424 and an SF-LLL in
    Step 1,, Deadline: March 31, 2021, by 11:59 PM ET 
  2. Submit the full application including attachments in JustGrants.
    Step 2, Application JustGrants, Deadline: April 14, 2021, by 11:59 PM ET 


NIJ is hosting a webinar for interested applications to learn more about this solicitation on January 28 at 3:30 PM ET. Register to attend, or get notified when materials are available online.

Applicants must register with and register with JustGrants prior to submitting an application.

This solicitation is competitive; therefore, NIJ staff cannot have individual conversations with prospective applicants. Any questions concerning the solicitation should be submitted to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service: 1-800-851-3420; TTY at 301-240-6310 (for hearing impaired only); email; fax 301-240-5830; or web chat. See also's solicitation FAQ page.

The following application elements MUST be included in the application submission for an application to meet the basic minimum requirements to advance to peer review and receive consideration for funding: Program Narrative, Budget Worksheet and Budget Narrative, and resumes/curriculum vitae of key personnel. Make sure to also go over the application checklist provided in the solicitation before submitting.

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