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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Afghan Governor Denounces Terrorist Lies, Violence

Nov. 5, 2006 – An Afghan governor denounced recent Taliban and Hizb-I Islami Gulbuddin claims that Afghan and coalition forces caused casualties and deaths of local nationals in the Tagab Valley, officials in Afghanistan reported today. "These claims are false," Governor Murad said. "The Taliban will use innocent Afghan civilians as human shields and then blame us. Their tactics are truly inhumane and cowardly."

The Afghan National
Police, Afghan National Army and coalition forces have been conducting joint operations in the Tagab Valley of the Kapisa province to deny safe havens to the Taliban and HIG. The terror groups have launched numerous attacks against Afghan civilians.

The groups want to undermine the Afghan government's ability to provide security and services to the people of Kapisa.

Murad provides 900
police officers from his area to work with ANA and coalition forces in Tagab Valley. The significant number police and Murad's cooperation demonstrates the intense dedication that the local government has towards ensuring security and services to its citizens.

"Afghan national security forces and coalition forces will intensify offensive operations to rid the region of Taliban insurgents and to set the conditions for stable Afghan governance in Kapisa province ," said
Army Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, Combined Joint Task Force 76 spokesman. "The futile acts of violence by the Taliban have no effect on the resolve of the Government of Afghanistan."

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