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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Israel's International Airport Selects Rontal's SimGuard for Security Planning

Lod, Israel, October 23, 2007. Rontal Applications Ltd., a developer and provider of innovative incident management and business continuity systems, today announced that its SimGuard 3000 system has been installed at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport. SimGuard 3000 helps Ben-Gurion’s security department in analyzing critical incident scenarios using simulations. The simulations help Ben Gurion Airport estimate threats and take the necessary measures to thwart these threats.

Ben-Gurion is one of the world's most secure airports. In 2006, it handled 9 million international passengers and 405,000 domestic passengers.

SimGuard is a family of groundbreaking incident management systems that intelligently fuse and display real time data to support decision-making processes in the areas of safety,
security and business continuity. SimGuard systems include SimGuard 1000 executive dashboard, SimGuard 3000 planning and simulation system, SimGuard 4000 local site incident management system, and SimGuard 6000 multi-site incident management system.

Following the planning and simulation phase, airport
security professionals added new devices as necessary. Currently, SimGuard is used at Ben-Gurion to modify and validate existing capabilities and security procedures.

"SimGuard 3000 helps us prepare for emergency situations," said Shmuel Zakai, Head of Security Division, Ben-Gurion Airport. "Thanks to SimGuard, Ben Gurion’s
security professionals can analyze and simulate critical incidents.”

"Ben-Gurion Airport’s selection of SimGuard 3000 is a milestone in airport emergency planning, enabling airport officials and staff to prepare for any situation," said Roni Zehavi, Co-founder and CEO of Rontal. "Airports are among the world's most sensitive facilities, and they require optimal preparedness for a large variety of human threats, technical malfunctions and natural emergency situations."

SimGuard 3000 can build a virtual reality model of an actual facility into SimGuard's database. Then, a virtual installation of sensors with real features and characteristics such as cameras, fences, access-control devices, GPS, fire alarm sensors and intrusion detection devices can be carried out. Once completed, the SimGuard system assesses the vulnerability of the relevant site (both outside and indoors), based on the simulation of different potential scenarios for
security, safety, facility management, general operations, and business-continuity. These simulations provide information on possible future incidents, their impact on operations and help improve security by preparing contingency plans for different emergency situations. SimGuard 3000 can save high costs by preventing procurement of unnecessary devices that are identified by the system.

About Rontal Applications

Founded in 2003, Rontal Applications Ltd. develops and provides innovative solutions for incident management and business continuity. The company's executives have extensive experience in security and emergency management methods and techniques, as well as in advanced information technologies. Headquartered in Lod, Israel, Rontal is a private company owned by the founders and private investors. For more information about Rontal, visit www.rontal.com .

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