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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Twelve Terrorists Killed, 26 Detained In Iraq Operations

American Forces Press Service

Oct. 23, 2007 - Coalition troops killed 12
terrorists and detained 26 suspects during a series of operations across Iraq today.

-- West of Kirkuk, coalition forces killed one terrorist and captured another, a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq leader who is linked to funding local
terrorist operations.

-- In Beiji, coalition forces captured an individual linked to providing logistics support for al Qaeda in Iraq. Six more suspected terrorists were captured during the operation.

-- Five suspected
terrorists were detained by coalition forces during an operation conducted west of Tarmiyah.

-- Coalition forces detained 10 suspected terrorists during an operation conducted northwest of Tal Afar.

-- Coalition forces detained two wanted individuals and an additional suspect during operations to disrupt the car-bombing network in Baghdad.

-- In a separate operation, coalition forces captured three individuals believed to be responsible for planning numerous car-bombing attacks in and around Baghdad.

-- Eleven
terrorists were killed by coalition forces during a series of firefights north of Samarra. A known member of an improvised-explosive-device cell was among terrorists killed in the engagements.

In Iraq operations yesterday:

-- Coalition forces detained four suspected terrorists during separate operations in Baghdad and Mosul.

-- Southwest of Balad, five suspects were detained by coalition forces during two operations targeting local al Qaeda in Iraq operatives.

-- In Baghdad, U.S. helicopter crews killed one
terrorist and injured five others after the insurgents were observed trying to place a roadside bomb.

On Oct. 21:

-- Coalition forces killed one
terrorist and captured two others during operations in central and northern Iraq. Four buildings being used for terrorist activities were destroyed as well as weapons caches, IED materials, homemade explosives and a disassembled anti-aircraft weapon.

-- One suspected terrorist was detained during an operation near Rabiah. The detainee is believed to be an associate of foreign-based al Qaeda members who are attempting to reconstruct a terrorist cell in the area.

In Oct. 20 operations:

-- Tipped off by Iraqi citizens, U.S. soldiers found two caches of weapons and other contraband during operations in Baghdad's Arab Jabour section. One cache contained 17 rocket-propelled-grenades, two rocket propellants and 13 mortar fuses. The second cache consisted of two 57 mm projectiles, 15 fuses and two pounds of homemade explosives. All of the contraband was destroyed.

-- Coalition forces killed one
terrorist and detained five others during an operation southeast of Lake Thar Thar. The operation also yielded a cache of weapons, ammunition, grenades, a vehicle weapons mount, medical supplies and books, a computer, terrorist propaganda, and about $46,000 in U.S. currency, plus more than 2 million Iraqi dinars.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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