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Monday, January 12, 2009

Combined Forces Capture Criminal Suspects, Find Weapons

American Forces Press Service

Jan. 12, 2009 - Iraqi and U.S. soldiers and Iraqi National Police detained suspected criminals and seized weapons in operations in Baghdad yesterday and Jan. 10, military officials reported.
In operations yesterday:

-- In the city's Rashid district, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers arrested a suspected insurgent with a fake identification card, bomb-making materials and CDs that allegedly contained insurgent plans.

-- Iraqi and U.S. soldiers served a warrant for the arrest of a suspected weapons trafficker with alleged ties to criminal organizations in Rashid district's Hadar community.

-- In Rashid district's Saydiyah community, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers served warrants for the arrest of two Iraqis suspected of serving as informants for criminal elements.

-- In northwestern Baghdad, Iraqi National Police and U.S. soldiers confiscated a cache yesterday that contained 10 projectile fuses, propellant, small-arms rounds, two 130 mm high-explosive projectiles and a 122 mm high-explosive projectile. An explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the cache.

-- Iraqi National Police and U.S. soldiers seized an unexploded artillery round in Rashid district's Shurta community. The patrol transported the round to a nearby national police headquarters for disposal by an EOD team.

In Jan. 10 operations:

-- In Rashid district's Saha neighborhood, a tip from a local civilian led Iraqi National Police and U.S. soldiers to a suspected criminal wanted for acts of violence, murder, extortion and kidnapping in connection with known terrorist groups operating in Baghdad.

-- In Rashid district, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers confiscated three AK-47 assault rifles from three different houses and moved the weapons to their headquarters.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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