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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mumbai fallout

I recently came across two posts that talk about the fall out from the Mumbai attacks back in November.  The first topic was that the Mumbai police was now sending out teams of police with laptops to locate any unsecured Wi-Fi connections and then making the homeowners aware that they needed to make their connection secure by requiring a password.  

The second post talks about the NYPD wanting to jam cell phone signals during a terrorist attack.  Citing the micromanaging that the terrorists did in the Mumbai attacks using cell phones, the NYPD is seeking this power.

While the NYPD's ability to jam cell phone signals is closer to home, lets think about the public relations fall out if either or both of these tactics were implemented into a Federal response to terrorist attacks.  Imagine if NYPD had the ability to jam cell phone signals during 9/11, families would not have been able to make those last phone calls to loved ones or emergency professionals.  I think there might be a better way to thwart the terrorists then taking away cell phone signals.

What do you think?

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