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Friday, May 14, 2010

Afghan, Coalition Forces Conduct Numerous Operations

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

May 14, 2010 - Afghan forces and their international partners conducted several operations around Afghanistan last night and today, military officials reported.

The operations resulted in numerous militants being killed, wounded or captured, and in the seizure of enemy weapons caches and stockpiles of drugs that provide financial capital for insurgent activity.

A Taliban subcommander and other insurgents were killed, and two insurgents were captured, by an Afghan-international security force in Nangarhar province's Surkh Rod district last night. The combined force was fired upon when approaching a compound where intelligence information had verified insurgent activity was taking place. During the ensuing firefight, the security force made several attempts to get the people in the compound to stop firing and come out, without success.

After the fighting ended, the combined force found that one of the militants killed was a Taliban subcommander responsible for rocket attacks and ambushes against international forces. Two wounded militants were captured, and were evacuated to an International Security Assistance Force medical treatment facility.

The combined force found automatic rifles, a shotgun, pistols and communications equipment in and around the compound.

In Zabul province's Tarnak-wa Jeldak district last night, several insurgents were killed by precision air strikes after intelligence assets tracked a group in a rural area east of Chakar Kheyl. A combined security force found an anti-tank mine, bomb components, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, rocket rounds, automatic rifles and communications equipment at the scene.

In a separate operation in the same district of Zabul yesterday, an Afghan-international security force killed two Taliban commanders after intelligence assets tracked a vehicle in a rural area after finding indications of militant activity. As the assault force approached the vehicle, they received hostile fire. The combined force returned fire and killed the two occupants, both Taliban commanders who were responsible for several roadside-bomb attacks and small-arms ambushes on Afghan and ISAF forces. The assault force searched the vehicle and found automatic rifles and communications equipment.

Another Afghan-international security force captured a Haqqani terrorist network bomb-attack facilitator and several other militants in Khost province last night while acting on intelligence information that led the force to a compound in the Tereyzai district.

The assault force found bomb-making materials, blasting caps and demolition cord at the site. A religious school was used as the insurgents' weapons storage facility, officials said.

A separate Afghan-international security force captured a Haqqani-network commander believed to be responsible for training insurgents and making electronics for roadside bombs in Khost yesterday. Several other insurgents also were captured during the operation.

During the search, an armed insurgent who tried to flee the compound fired on the assault force and was shot and killed. The search team found rifles, grenades and ammunition in the compound.

In the Ab Band district of Ghazni province last night, an Afghan-international security force killed an insurgent and captured a foreign fighter facilitator and other militants.

When the assault force approached the targeted area, an armed militant was seen running away. As a security force pursued him, he turned to fire and was shot and killed. Automatic rifles and ammunition were found at the site.

An Afghan-international security force killed multiple militants and captured another in Ghazni province's Khanjari district yesterday morning.

As the assault force approached, a group of armed militants was seen moving from a compound to a nearby tree line, likely to establish ambush positions. As the security force cleared the area, it came under enemy fire. The force returned fire, killing the insurgents. Examination of the militant fighting positions in the tree line found machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles.

A Taliban commander responsible for planning and executing attacks against coalition forces was captured along with several other militants by an Afghan-international security force in Helmand province last night, about five miles west of Marja. Reports indicate no civilians were harmed in the operation, officials said.

In other news, several coalition and Afghan servicemembers were injured today when a coalition helicopter conducting a combined operation was damaged during a hard landing in northern Kandahar province. No one was killed, and the injured were taken to a nearby ISAF medical facility.

Enemy actions were not responsible for the accident, officials said, and Afghan commandos with coalition partners have secured the crash site. The cause of the accident is being investigated.

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