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Monday, June 14, 2010

Afghan, International Force Clears Haqqani Stronghold

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

June 14, 2010 - International Security Assistance Force officials in Afghanistan have confirmed that Fazil Subhan, a Haqqani terrorist network commander known to facilitate foreign fighters, was killed along with multiple insurgents by Afghan and international forces in a two-day offensive in Khost province last week, military officials said.

The Haqqani fighters were in fortified fighting positions in an area known for ambush attacks against international troops southwest of Kowte Kheyl in Khost's Shamul district. The Afghan-international force also discovered and destroyed a building used to store ammunition, heavy weapons and explosive materials.

Haqqani network commanders continually seek to establish strongholds in Khost province to disrupt local governance and facilitate the movement of fighters, explosives and weapons into the country, officials said. They have ties to al-Qaida and the Taliban, and claimed responsibility, along with Pakistani Taliban militants, for a deadly suicide attack in December against intelligence officers in Khost.

ISAF officials also reported details of the following recent operations:

-- A combined Afghan-international force detained six suspected insurgents in Kunduz province last night while searching for a facilitator responsible for planning and coordinating attacks against Afghan and international forces. One man was killed after he reached for his weapon and displayed hostile intent.

-- In the Charkh and Baraki Barak districts of Logar province last night, a combined force detained a Taliban facilitator responsible for improvised explosive device emplacement and attacks against international forces.

-- A combined Afghan and international force detained several suspected insurgents in Zabul province the night of June 12 while searching a compound in the Shah Joy district in pursuit of a Taliban commander responsible for coordinating and assisting in direct-fire attacks and complex ambushes against coalition forces.

-- An Afghan-international patrol discovered illegal drugs, weapons and ammunition, and detained several suspected insurgents in Kunduz province June 11. The patrol discovered about 250 pounds of opium, 2,000 rounds of small-arms ammunition and several assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades north of Kunduz city. Village elders convinced the suspects to surrender peacefully, and the opium and ammunition were destroyed on site.

-- Afghan forces with ISAF partners conducted an operation in the village of Chardah in Helmand province, June 11 to disrupt a Taliban network responsible for planning and conducting attacks against Afghan and ISAF forces, and for supplying materials used in constructing roadside bombs. After surrounding the compound where the Taliban insurgents were suspected to be, Afghan special police ensured all residents of the compound exited safely. Women and children were protected while several suspected insurgents were detained.

-- An Afghan-international security force captured a Taliban subcommander and another individual suspected of insurgent activity in Ghazni province's Muqer district the night of June 11. The subcommander is believed to be responsible for planning and conducting operations against coalition forces, including planting roadside bombs and gathering intelligence.

-- In Khost the night of June 11, a combined security force detained a number of suspected insurgents while pursuing a Haqqani network IED facilitator in Khost province's Sabari district.

-- An Afghan-international force conducted a number of operations against the Taliban in southern Helmand province over the past 10 days. The operations took place in multiple locations in the Reg-e Khan Neshin district, and were designed to disrupt and restrict the movement of Taliban fighters and the supply of weapons into central Helmand province, officials said. Taliban fighters engaged the Afghan-led combined force on numerous occasions, and several of the insurgents who engaged the combined force were killed. The team seized four assault rifles and a sniper rifle with ammunition, as well as a mortar and rocket.

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