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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Officials in Afghanistan Provide Details of Operations

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

June 1, 2010 - Military officials in Afghanistan have provided details of various recent operations that resulted in enemy fighters being killed or captured.

-- A combined Afghan-international security force in Khost province's Sabari district captured several Haqqani terrorism network commanders and other individuals last night and early this morning. The Haqqani network facilitators are believed to be responsible for planning and executing bombing attacks and militant operations against coalition forces, supplying weapons and directing attacks in Khost's Sabari and Yaqubi districts.

-- A separate Afghan-international force detained several individuals suspected of militant activity in Farah province's Gulistan district yesterday.

-- In Zabul province's Tarnek wa Jaldak district last night, an Afghan-international security force captured a Taliban subcommander believed to be responsible for planning, coordinating, and leading attacks against coalition forces in the Tarnek wa Jaldak and Qalat districts.

-- An Afghan-international patrol in Badghis province's Murghab district found four 120 mm mortars, several 82 mm mortars and 107mm rockets, complete roadside bombs and bomb-making materials.

-- Several insurgents were killed by an Afghan-international force in Farah province's Gulistan district yesterday. The security force interdicted a vehicle after intelligence information confirmed insurgent activity, and came under small-arms fire when approaching the vehicle. The combined force returned fire and killed the vehicle's occupants.

-- Afghan forces, aided by international troops, secured the Barg-e Matal district center in Nuristan province last night. "This successful operation by Afghan forces will return governance to Barg-e Matal," said Zemarai Bashary, an Afghan interior ministry spokesman. "This operation shows the improved planning and operational capabilities of our joint forces in response to serious incidents even in the most remote locations of Afghanistan."

-- An Afghan-international force used a precision air strike to kill Taliban commander Haji Amir, one of the two most senior Taliban leaders in Kandahar province, and several of his fighters May 30 in the province's Panjwai district. He and his fighters had been tracked for several days, and when they stopped at a small unoccupied mud hut in a farming area near the village of Zangabad, the combined force called in the air strike. The Taliban leader, who escaped from Sarposa Prison in a Taliban-coordinated prison break in June 2008, recently had been in Pakistan planning the Taliban's upcoming attacks, and he returned to Afghanistan in April to lead attacks against coalition and Afghan forces.

-- A separate Afghan-international security force detained multiple suspects while searching a series of compounds in Helmand's Nahr-e Saraj district the night of May 30. Several of the suspects tried to flee, but were quickly and safely caught. Weapons and more than 60 pounds of wet opium were seized during the search.

-- Early yesterday, the International Security Assistance Force supported Afghan forces operations in Nuristan province by delivering precision-guided air strikes on known insurgent locations near Barg-e Matal. The strikes were requested by local officials and Afghan commanders. Extreme care was given to validating the targets, which were under surveillance for an extended period of time, ISAF officials said.

-- An Afghan-international security force detained several individuals suspected of insurgent activity in

Helmand's Now Zad district May 30.

A combined force detained several individuals suspected of insurgent activities west of Kandahar City in Kandahar province the night of May 29. The search team found weapons and communications equipment

-- Also on May 29, an insurgent mortar team was killed by a precision air strike in Paktia province. The mortar team fired on coalition forces from a rural area in the Zormat district. As the mortar team attempted to drive away after the attack, coalition aircraft engaged the vehicle with a precision air strike, killing the insurgents. A ground search team found a mortar system and mortar propellant in the vehicle.

-- Afghan and ISAF partners conducted a combined operation early May 29 near Sangbor in Helmand province to disrupt a Taliban group responsible for supplying roadside-bomb components. As the combined force approached the compound of interest, several men tried to flee. One presented a threat to the force and was killed, while the other men were detained. Several women and children were protected in this operation, officials said.

-- An Afghan-international security force used precision air strikes to kill the Taliban shadow governor of Baghlan province and several of his fighters the night of May 28. Aircraft were called to a rural area in the Baghlan-e Jadid district after intelligence sources confirmed two vehicles were transporting insurgents and weapons through the area. Before engaging, coalition forces waited until the vehicles were well clear of any structures to minimize the possibility of civilian casualties, officials said. When the armed passengers left the vehicles, they were engaged and killed by an air strike. A ground security force then entered the area and came under fire from insurgents in a nearby cave. The assault force returned fire, killing several heavily armed insurgents. The Taliban shadow governor was responsible for organizing and directing attacks against coalition forces and was in constant contact with Kunduz and Pakistani Taliban senior leaders, providing updates and receiving guidance. Sources told coalition forces the Taliban forces had been planning an attack on a nearby Afghan National Police outpost.

-- An Afghan-international security force killed several insurgents and captured several others in Kandahar's Zharay district May 29. As the assault force approached, several armed men took up fighting positions in a nearby orchard. The combined force called for them to surrender, but the armed men began firing machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades at the security force. The assault force returned fire and began clearing the compound and immediate area. Several insurgents were killed and captured after a lengthy firefight. The combined force found several planted roadside bombs in the area, as well as rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns, multiple automatic rifles, hand-grenades, ammunition and communications equipment.

-- Also on May 29, security combined force detained several individuals suspected of insurgent activity in Khost's Musa Khel district and found rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles at the site.

-- In Wardak province May 29, a combined force captured a Taliban weapons facilitator and another militant. The security force came under fire from a sniper and returned fire, killing him. The force's search team found multiple automatic rifles and ammunition.

-- In Kandahar's Panjwai district May 28, an Afghan-international force captured a Taliban commander and several other men suspected of militant activity. The Taliban commander is believed to be responsible for planning and executing attacks against coalition forces, and also is suspected of being involved in kidnappings and weapons facilitation.

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