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Monday, July 09, 2012

ISAF Commander Condemns Farah Rocket Attack

From an International Security Assistance Force News Release

KABUL, Afghanistan – International Security Assistance Force Commander Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen condemned today’s terrorist attack against the governor’s compound in Afghanistan’s Farah province.

The attack killed an Afghan civilian and injured several people including women and children in the western province. Among the injured was a six-month-old infant who suffered shrapnel wounds when a rocket struck a playground behind the governor’s office.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those killed or hurt by this senseless act of terror,” Allen said. “In recent months, we have seen insurgent attacks increasingly focus on targeting Afghan civilians and government officials working to secure a more prosperous future for Afghanistan.”

Such attacks have caused nearly 1,500 Afghan civilian casualties so far this year, Allen said. “Once again I call upon Mullah Omar to end these brutal attacks,” he said. “If he really is in control of these elements of the Taliban, this should be possible.”

Such attacks are causing Afghans to turn against the Taliban, Allen said. “The growing frustration of the Afghan people with this senseless violence is manifesting itself in various locations across Afghanistan as Afghans are rising up against the violence and oppression of the Talban,” he said.

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