War on Terrorism

Monday, June 12, 2006

British police criticized over ‘bungled’ counterterrorism raid

Muslim groups protest ‘rising Islamophobia’ as government admits to erosion of community trust “The Guardian reports that Prime Minister Tony Blair Monday gave his ‘unqualified backing’ to London police chief Sir Ian Blair, who is facing growing pressure over his antiterror operations, including a bungled chemical-bomb raid in East London 10 days ago where one man was shot in the shoulder. Reuters reported that Friday evening the police released two brothers they had arrested after admitting they had found no bomb in their apartment. More than 250 police officers took part in the raid. Muslim groups and a body that oversees policing said the police had made a ‘series of errors in the huge counter-terrorism raid.’”


(Christian Science Monitor, 12Jun06, Tom Regan)

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