War on Terrorism

Monday, June 12, 2006

I refuse to be represented by a military lawyer

"I refuse to be represented by a military lawyer, says Londoner held by Americans in Cuba “An Islamic terror suspect who lived in London as a teenager will this week take centre stage in a growing rebellion by Guantanamo Bay prisoners against United States military defence lawyers. Binyam Mohamed, a 27-year-old Ethiopian accused of conspiracy in the so-called radioactive ‘dirty bomb’ plot to attack targets in America, will tell a pre-trial hearing at one of the first military commissions to be held at Guantanamo that he does not want to be defended by Major Yvonne Bradley, an air force reservist. Mohamed's case was among those highlighted last week in a Council of Europe report into the ‘extraordinary rendition’ programme run by the Central Intelligence Agency, under which terror suspects are alleged to have been secretly flown to foreign countries, for interrogation by regimes that sometimes use torture. The US denies that detainees are sent to countries where they are tortured.”


(Telegraph.co.uk, 11Jun06, Philip Sherwell)

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