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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coalition Troops Kill, Nab Terrorists in Iraq Raids

American Forces Press Service

Oct. 9, 2007 - Coalition forces in Iraq killed seven
terrorists and detained 21 others today during a series of anti-al Qaeda in Iraq operations in the central and northern parts of the country.

-- Coalition forces killed three and captured eight suspected
terrorists during raids targeting al Qaeda in Iraq agents operating in southern Baghdad.

-- South of Mahmudiyah, coalition forces killed four suspected terrorists and captured another.

-- Near Bayji, coalition forces captured an associate of al Qaeda in Iraq who is linked to gun running and moving
terrorists. Four other suspects also were detained.

-- In Mosul, coalition forces detained three suspected terrorists with links to al Qaeda in Iraq.

-- Coalition forces captured another suspect, a Sunni linked to al Qaeda in Iraq, during an operation west of Samarra. Three other suspects also were detained.

During operations yesterday:

-- Coalition forces detained three suspected insurgents and destroyed a weapons cache in an early morning operation in Zambraniyah. The cache contained three rocket-propelled-grenade rounds and two canisters believed to have contained either RPG rounds or mortars.

-- A coalition aircraft strike killed two al Qaeda in Iraq-affiliated terrorists during an operation south of Samarra.

-- A coalition airstrike killed six
terrorists during operations to disrupt al Qaeda in Iraq operations in Mosul.

-- Iraqi security forces with U.S. special operations forces as advisors detained six suspected terrorists in two nighttime raids in northern Iraq.

In Oct. 7 operations:

-- In Mosul, coalition forces shot and killed a suicide car bomber who tried to blow them up. The vehicle caught fire and continued to move toward coalition forces, but it caused no damage or injuries.

-- In Baghdad, coalition forces captured a suspected agent of al Qaeda in Iraq. Intelligence led the ground force to another location where two more suspects were detained.

-- In Tikrit, coalition forces detained five al Qaeda in Iraq agents believed to be involved in kidnapping, gun running and improvised-explosive-device attacks.

-- In Buaytha, concerned Iraqi citizens found and delivered a weapons cache to U.S. forces.

In Oct. 6 operations:

-- American soldiers captured 12 suspected extremists during Operation Elfin Cove, conducted near Forward Operating Base Kalsu.

-- Coalition forces killed six terrorists and detained 18 suspects in operations targeting al Qaeda in Iraq in the northern and central parts of the country.

-- American paratroopers discovered and destroyed a weapons cache during a patrol near Hawr Rajab. The cache contained an AK-47 assault rifle, four 60 mm mortar rounds, four empty magazines and a black ski mask. The cache was destroyed.

-- American soldiers captured three
terrorists accused of running a local kidnapping ring during a raid in the Sadr City section of Baghdad. The detainees are believed responsible for the kidnapping of five British contractors in Baghdad on May 29.

-- Coalition and Iraqi forces detained 17 suspects during Operation Eagle Shiloh III in Mahmudiyah. Two AK-47 rifles were seized.

-- Coalition forces detained two suspects linked to al Qaeda in Iraq during an operation west of Samarra.

-- U.S. soldiers found and destroyed a large weapons cache in Arab Jabour. The cache contained an anti-tank mine, four rocket-propelled-grenade launchers, six 60 mm mortars and fuses. Additional materials suitable for the manufacture of improvised explosive devises also were discovered.

-- U.S. soldiers detained three insurgents in two separate raids and discovered four explosively formed penetrators during operations in eastern Baghdad. The four bombs were found during a route-clearance mission and were safely destroyed.

In Oct. 5 operations:

-- A coalition operation near Baqubah led to the deaths of 25 enemy combatants. During a search to locate a person believed linked to members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force, U.S. ground forces came under heavy fire. Air support killed the 25
terrorists. Coalition officials have confirmed that the 25 people who were killed had attacked coalition forces and were members of an extremist group operating in the Baqubah region and not innocent civilians, as some reports had stated, Multinational Force Iraq officials said in a statement.

-- Iraqi commandos advised by U.S. Special Forces troops detained a suspected extremist leader during an operation in Khalis. The detainee is believed to be responsible for sectarian violence against Sunni citizens, to include a July attack on a Sunni-inhabited region known as Arab Danan. The allied forces found a machine gun with 300 rounds, two AK-47 rifles with two magazines, and one homemade zip-gun.

-- U.S. soldiers on patrol destroyed an anti-aircraft gun and ammunition in Arab Jabour.

-- Concerned Iraqi citizens delivered the contents of a large weapons cache to an American
military outpost east of Baghdad. The citizens brought 21 mortar rounds, one 57 mm projectile, two 100 mm projectiles, one 122 mm rocket warhead, three PG-7Ms, four PG-7s, and one rocket-propelled grenade. More than 1,000 rounds of small-arms ammunition and 60 pounds of dynamite also were turned in. Also that day, local citizens informed Iraqi police officers of a potential improvised explosive device emplaced along a major road.

-- American soldiers seized an explosively formed penetrator cache during operations in the eastern portion of Baghdad's Rashid district. The cache contained three explosively formed penetrator containers with copper lining, a rocket, a fire extinguisher filled with explosives, one cooking pot full of explosive, four 82 mm mortars, three empty propane tanks, seven detonators, one block of plastic explosive, two grenades, and a container loaded with explosives.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq and Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

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